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We have a lot of experience with TV mounting and wire concealing.
Me and My team already installed over 1000 TV. 

The biggest problem our customers face is choosing the right TV mount.  We quite often come to clients to reinstall TVs only because of wrong mount.

TV wall mounting services
Professional TV wall mounting
Switch installation
Socket installation

For example, turned out wall mount to be only 16 inches wide and not big enough to reach both studs inside the wall.
That's why we always have our own TV mounts with us, which are very good quality, extra wide 24”,  full motion, for 50”-86” TV, up to 120 lbs and quick to install. 

And if you would like to hide your tv cables inside the wall in a nice way we always have a special tv cable concealer kits with us.

With all of our tv wall mounting packages, you can customize the installation to suit your own style & budget. Whether you want something that can tilt, turn or pan — our expert installers have you covered.

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